The Homecare Bill of Rights

  • The Right To A Public Option -- Clients and caregivers have the right to choose to work with a publicly funded homecare agency to be run by nurses, caregivers, and their clients. All nurses and certified caregivers will be automatically registered upon receiving their license and may choose to use it at any time. Medicaid (Medi-CAL in California) recipients will also be automatically enrolled with the agency and may use it at any time. Unlike private, for-profit agencies, all funds not covering overhead costs will go to nurses and caregivers. Nurses and caregivers working with this agency will be classified as public employees and receive any and all benefits that come with that classification.              


  • The Right of New Graduates to Work in Homecare -- Newly graduated licensed vocational nurses have a right to work in homecare without getting one year of experience. The decision to hire a caregiver should ultimately rest on the client.


  • The Right to A Competitive Wage -- Caregivers and nurses have a right to, not just a living wage, but a competitive wage relative to other sectors in their field. Nurses looking to go into homecare face a significantly lower wage and benefits package compared to other jobs. This makes it harder to recruit nurses and leaves clients without necessary care.


  • The Right to Equal Pay Across Cases -- Nurses and caregivers have the right to equal pay regardless of what case they’re on. They should not have to worry about taking a pay cut for moving to a case that has been deemed “easier” or because a client has inferior health insurance. We don't pay ER nurses based on how busy they were or what procedures they performed.


  • The Right To Unionize and Be Classified As An Employee -- Nurses and caregivers have a right to be considered employees as opposed to independent contractors and to discuss and form a union.


  • The Right to Move Freely Across Agencies -- Clients have a right to move freely across agencies, not be denied service due to having Medi-CAL, and use more than one agency to meet their needs.